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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sundays are all about jamming

Joe & Carl

Andy & Joe

Bruce Vs Wem

(: We've got new songs on the way :)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Having a Break, But Not Having a Kit Kat

Just to let you know we're having some time out to write new material, and re-arrange a few things. This means we won't be gigging as much, though we will let you all know when we've sorted some out!

2011 was a great year for us and we thank everyone involved for making it so special. Big thanks to all at Chai Wallahs, Bright Black Film, Sam Tucker and Diplomats of Sound, everyone at Concorde 2, Theo Stanton, Will Scobie and our 2nd EP Producer - John Hendicott, and everyone who came to our shows and made it banging'.
We love you. <3

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Such an amazing feeling knowing your supporting one of your influences.
Nervous yet excited, bring it on!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our music will be played out of King Tubby's Soundsystem Tomorrow evening!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

To buy it (Physical or Digital) go to www.tinroots.co.uk


Upcoming Gig Not To Be Missed...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

EP News & Gigs Gallore

- - - - Summer Tour Poster - - - -

- - - - Set Sail EP Interview Video - - - -

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Brighton Electric.
Guitar Set-up.

We recorded at the amazing Brighton Electric Studios on the 19th/20th April with John Hendicott and my, what a great 2 days it was! We ate a lot of crisps, biscuits, drank ALOT of tea, coffee and juice, which helped boost our energy levels in to us getting the 5 tracks down. We laid down some sexy Hammond with Lesley Speaker on a couple of the tracks (Wait for Days - played by Andy and Ridiculous Scene - in which Laurence played the floor keys with his hands, whilst Will was doing the top keys!!).

Here's a few of the photos, there's more to come and we got some great interviews/footage by United Magic up very very soon!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Producing our next EP is the talented John Hendicott.

Check his website:

Here's where we're recording:

Brighton Electric Studios

The EP is going to be 5 tracks including a re-recording of Set Sail + New tracks: Ridiculous Scene, Patience, Wait For Days and Tomorrow. Place of purchase of this new EP TBA!
But in the mean time buy our other EP either MP3s or order a *physical copy from our Bandcamp. (*limited editions)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

More about this to come!!



Monday, 14 March 2011



We arrived in Brixton and did the whole soundcheck thing, ate some delicious food (at Hootananny's) which was very yummy, then we waited till it was time to play!

Was a great crowd and we were happy to start such a sick night off!

After playing we stuck about to watch BackBeat and The Drop, who were both fantastic! Got us all excited for the Festival Season again!!

Click HERE to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Drop and BackBeatSoundSystem choons :)


After going to sleep in the early hours after Brixton, we woke up to a lovely day, so some of us made Breakfast and we sat out in the garden eating it whilst Theo (one of our mates) mowed the lawn. Very civilised we are. Then after a long time of faffing around playing footie on the freshly mowed lawn and cleaning up we eventually made a move to Cambridge...

When we arrived, we had a quick soundcheck and then I went to park somewhere but got lost because of my STUPID Sat Nav. Luckily Andy is a patient guy and he stuck around waiting while eventually got back to where I had come from.
As we we're on last at Midnight, we passed some time away playing snooker, pool, duck kicking (rubber ducks yeah!!), fire show watching and watched a sick band called Dog is Dead. Very very hard to maintain a sober state... we slightly failed, though still managed to play fine and got everyone dancing!

After playing, Louisa (One of the organisers) sorted out for us to stay at Laura's and after a drunken mission (which should have only taken 10 minutes and took 40) we finally reached her place in a Girls only student hall. The guys were pleased, but no one was about, so they couldn't get too excited.

7 of us then slept on the floor like sardines in Laura's room, all huddled together cosily. Laurence was cuddling Will's feet all night and I was stuck next to Carl who every now and then would turn over and crush my shoulder... oh the pleasure of sardine sleep. We would like to thank Laura for putting up with us, and hope her room didn't smell when we had gone. When we left, we were on a Breakfast Mission. Making our way back to the van, we came across an ideal cafe, though lost Carl so we moved on to find him.

We then came across a lovely mini market where we bought a German Sausage in a bun, a luscious coffee and an incredible white chocolate and raspberry muffin. What a Breakfast aye...

Journey back was quite long for me as I had to drive from Cambridge to Lewisham to Worthing.
Yes I was tired, yes I stopped at McDonalds (I know your thinking tut tut, but have you tried a Big Tasty yet? Forgivable I think.) Yes it was worth it, NO I didn't stop for a wee cause this time I was hardcore)
5 hours later I was home, had a quick nap, then off to Brighton to see Dog is Dead (who Tin Roots watched in Cambridge) as our mates SWIMS were supporting and they were great too! Small world it is, and what a great way to end a weekend.

Here's some photos of Cambridge.



Play time.


Thank you to Louisa and Laura for sorting us out with staying somewhere. X

Monday, 1 November 2010

Welcome to November............

^ Ambassadeurs recording us
^ Carl
^ Ruby
^ Joe
^ Carl + Joe

....when it's still dark in the mornings and you think it's not time yet to get up, so you check the time...but it is, damn it, and when you finish work/college it feels like you have been there for too long and feel slightly upset about this darkness, from hardly seeing the beautiful light of day.

November for us this year will be more than exceptionally great, and I can't wait for it to get going. As we have been very quite since our last gig in September (Hector's House, Brighton) due to Joe moving to Falmouth, Andy going on a van trip around Spain and Italy, Loz back at Uni in Landaaaan, and Will back in Kent, all that was left of TR was me and Carl who met up frequently and jammed. We pulled it off to a degree, but it sounded more like a shit version bf White Stripes, and made us long for everyone back

Other news for November is that we have our first gig coming up, and it's been so long that I can't remember how to sing.

Next Gig - 21st Nov - The Silver Bullet (First gig together in soooooo long!)

Click HERE to see a short bit of footage of Carl bustin' out some beats before recording!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Anyway, what a great summer once again! Met some great great people and saw some amazing bands! Also caught up with some familiar faces, which was lovely.

Thank you for the support, and big thanks to all at Chai Wallahs for a lovely summer!

1 of 20

Handmade 'Set Sail' Limited Edition Version EP [2010] / £5 from our Merch Site

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This picture is our 'dream rider' from my book, and shows what happens when you get
bored and hungry.

Yes Kinder Bueno is in there and as you can see, lot's of cheese.

What a great weekend! After leaving Worthing at 9-ish, we arrived in Herefordshire at about 1-ish and went to the nearset shop to gather booze. Once we found Nozstock, we got our equipment in and found our way to our DRESSING ROOM. Yes, a dressing room!!! Not only did this dressing room have Booze and water in, it had sweets (YES!) and... Pieces of canvas around the room with, what looked like, a few people had covered their boobs and bits with paint and pressed them on these canvas'. We then noticed on the dressing room door, that it said 'Please cum again'. Did cause quite a few jokes, many laughs and those sweets did not help in the matter.

So after getting hyper... it was then time to play, which went soooooo well. BIG Thanks to the people who got up and danced, I know it was well hot so that meant alot to us! And horray to the bubble lady. Seeing bubbles float pass, makes one very happy.
We managed to shift quite a few CDs which was great! But now, it also means I gotta make more (we do it DIY up in here) so CD factory Day 2, will be coming up soon.

After playing we checked some people out and saw Dub Mafia (who are also apart of the Chai Wallah Festival Tour with us!!) and Akala who were both so good and didn't want it to end!!!

So after that, we went off back to the tent for a bit to chill out. Then I left camp with Eva and we went on a little mission around and found some cool areas, like some crazy florescent forest (NO I was not on any acid) and walked around in the hope of finding cheap or free food. ( I managed eventually to find a sausage and onion bap, locally sourced which was a a a mazing and did the job!) and by this time it was about 2-ish. Once I got back to the tent the guys were on their way to dream land so I joined them as I had to drive back in the morning, and it was my birthday gathering!

Thanks to those who sorted this out, looked after us and provided. You know who you are!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


...to share with what we get up to when we're gigging, and the mischief, happiness and problems we cause. This will be interesting...

The first thing I will mention is that Andy and Loz have been battling recently, and so far the score is Andy 1 - 0 Loz. The next match will probably be at Nozstock. Will keep you up to date with the results! (Play-fighting is necessary in a band environment)

Also other news is that we would like to welcome Carl Swietlik in to the band as our new drummer, and thanks for coming back early from Greece! We would also like to send lots and lots of love to Matt Townsend, who unfortunately is not able to drum for us anymore, and thank you so so much for playing with us the past few years X x X X x X

Other news is that our tune 'Set Sail' is going to be released in August (28th) and will be available on Itunes and all that. If you want a physical copy, more info about that will be up soon!

Well this is my first Blog, so hope it has met to standards as far as Blogging goes. I'm going to be getting better everytime I do this, so hopefully you will see the difference each time (and with the html!)


Ruby X